Julies digt til DeDe

Julies digt til DeDe

Min datter Julie har kæreste i USA. Han kommer hjem til jul. Hun savner ham. Læs hendes Facebookdigt – jeg synes det er smukt. 

The 20th of December
I will feel free again
Butterflies will be flying inside of me
And I will be whole again

My shoulders will be able to rest,
My heart once more feel warm
My body will feel alive again
And my dresses be proudly worn

The 20th of December
Oh, I cannot wait!
To hold you in my arms again
I’m going to feel so great!

I will say good night to you
While looking into your eyes
Fall asleep without feeling lonely
And wake up feeling loved

I will kiss you all the times
I owe you for when we were apart
And then I will once again feel
Like the world is as it is supposed to be

The 20th of December you will come to me,
Demetrius Freeman, I’m waiting for you impatiently!

Kisses, Julie

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